group exhibition
Gladstone Gallery (New York, US)
Curated by Ben Broome
Powered by Gavin Brown 

Gladstone Gallery is pleased to announce Real Corporeal, a group exhibition of works by Amanda Ba, Rhea Dillon, Cyprien Gaillard, Chase Hall, Arthur Jafa, Klein, Mark Leckey, Tommy Malekoff, Jasper Marsalis, nakaya mossi, Christelle Oyiri, George Rouy, Sara Sadik, Pol Taburet and Tucker van der Wyden.

Installed across all four floors of 439 W 127th St, Real Corporeal attempts to disrupt the usual tenor of the gallery space with an arrangement of corporeally rousing work, joining artists who deal in divergent media and are convening from various localities. Contemplating the notion of the physical body as an intrusion in the traditional gallery space - a setting typically conducive only to minds and eyes - Real Corporeal offers opposition by centering the social as the fundamental dimension: the cause to gather as a catalyst for the conception, exhibition, and reception of the artworks.
Further to the notion of sociality, Real Corporeal reframes the restrictive idea of generational hierarchies. If one is to conceptualise the exhibition as a family gathering, the aunts and uncles are seated interspersed amongst the younger cousins. Attention is drawn to conscious and unconscious encounters between the works’ disparate contexts; visitors trace the formal and conceptual edges of each artist’s position, inhabiting the physical and metaphysical spaces in-between. The resultant survey considers a potential sum of intergenerational parts; a metaphoric glimpse at the art-object-as-vehicle.

Photos courtesy of Gladstone gallery

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